Fuck Yeah Canadian Pride

The current mayor of Toronto Canada is going to paint over all graffiti in Toronto within the next six months forcing the people who live here to pay for it, and getting rid of a rich part of Toronto culture and art.

We are trying to prove that graffiti is a respected and beautiful art form too.


Rob Ford plans to paint over all graffiti in Toronto.

CAB originated in the FACS1900 class at York University. We are 6 students who believe that it is unjust to persecute serious graffiti artists in the city of Toronto, because we believe that what they offer is essentially a free, skilled, public works project. 
We are making a stand against Rob Ford’s statement that in 6 months there will be no graffiti in Toronto, including such iconic locations as Graffiti Alley off Queen Street West. 
We consider the amount of money invested (795.7 thousand dollars) in the investigation and prosecution of graffiti artists in our city to be excessive, especially considering that much of the graffiti art in the city is executed with great skill and attention to detail, as well as respect regarding the locations painted. 
As many people in urban areas agree that much of the concrete structures that surround us are less than visually appealing, we propose that allowing anonymous artists to work in relative peace would actually beautify and humanize our city. 

Save the art and culture of a city.
Join this group, ask your friends to join the group and let it be known that graffiti is art too!


let’s get this cause all over tumblr not just facebook!

show facebook how much more influential tumblr can be!

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    NOOO! FUCKING NO. You will NOT, Ford! Toronto’s art community will come after you like there’s no tomorrow.
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    Goddamnit, Ford. There is only three kinds of graffiti that I really don’t like. First, that which spouts messages of...
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